3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 with Extra-Large Size Auto-Darkening Filter 9100XX- Shades 5, 8-13

  • Fully assembled welding helmet is ready to use
  • Auto-darkening Filter (ADF) transitions from light to dark shade in approximately .1 milliseconds after welding arc is detected
  • Helmet helps provide protection from ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation
  • Optical quality gives the worker a precise view of the work area
  • The ergonomically designed head suspension offers comfortable wear and fit
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Good quality welding helmets are an absolute must for safe and productive welding. Welding is one job that demands a lot of focus. Any momentary lapse in concentration and you might end up with burns and cuts. Flying debris is also a possibility. If not careful, you can even end up seriously damaging your vision. Welding Helmets are plenty in the market. There are a lot of factors to be considered while buying one like shade settings, price, design, etc.  In this article, we will be reviewing the 3M Speedglas 9100XX Welding Helmet, one of the best in the market in terms of features.

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This welding helmet has a large viewing area of 2.18 × 4.2 inches and has one of the biggest lenses you will ever find in a welding helmet. The helmet is quite comfortable, especially for your ears, and there are times when we lose awareness that we are using a helmet. The helmet is quite durable hence making it ideal for industrial uses. Exhaust vents on the sides, channel out the exhaled air, thus preventing the build-up of moisture and fogginess. The ergonomically designed head suspension is another positive.

Arc Sensors:

The versatility of the helmet allows it to be useful in different welding processes like arc welding ok, MIG welding, TIG welding, etc. This is achieved by treating sensitivity adjustments. The auto-darkening feature is under the control of three Arc sensors which are responsible for changing the shade from light to dark in a small time span of just .1 millisecond. The sensors can detect instantaneously when the arc is struck, immediately chatting the transition from light to dark shade. Once the arc has been struck, the helmet goes back to light shade 3 within 250 ms minimizing your downtime.

Shade Settings:

By activating the filter you can change the sensitivity level. The helmet provides a total of 7 different shade modes. They range from 5 to 6 and 9 to 13. You can check the current shade setting, by clicking the “shade on” button. If needed you can choose a new shade setting by pressing the shade button while flashing and selecting the desired shade level. Now, hold the button for two seconds.

Sensitivity level one and two are for normal used Level three is used for current welding while four finds application in TIG welding. Level six is the darkest shade.


Any good quality welding helmet should have top quality batteries. Instead of solar cells, the helmet is equipped with two Cr2030 3v Lithium batteries. The battery life of more than 2500 Hours ensures that you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of the work.


  • Exhaust Valves to remove heat and exhaled air.
  • Quick Response Time.
  • Good optical clarity.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Comfortable
  • Good Battery Life( 2500 Hours).
  • Warranty of three years.


  • High Price.
  • No solar cells.
  • Size may not fit for everyone.


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