Canon TS9120 Review – It is Best Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner?

Canon TS 9120 isn’t just an ordinary printer. This is one of the exceptional devices that can do both printing, great text frame, and worthy photos. It is also a friendly-user device that you can do the work correctly. This can also scan both sides of pages directly and smoothly, and it also allows Google to drive to make it easy for you to use.  Moreover, to make it clear, this is an all-in-one wireless printer that will help all your papers to look organized and presentable.

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Enjoy the simplicity of this device because it just one connects of flash drives, mobile phone, tablet, or any device that you can plug into the device. Also, you can get all of that with a low price that you will love. This is also hassle-free because, in just one press of a button, the printing will commence. You can also make it more beautiful by sticking stickers or even painting it with neon colours that suit your printer.

Take note that if your Bluetooth name is installed to the printer, and even though it was stolen, you can retrieve it by via Bluetooth access. That is why people love to buy this device because they can help them a lot that they never imagined possible in a printer.

Canon TS9120 All Specs

Is Energy Star-CertifiedY
Manufacturer Part Number2231C002
Assembled Product Weight14.60 lbs
FeaturesNo features description available
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)12.80 x 14.70 x 5.60 Inches

Features of Canon TS9120

Sophisticated Look

It will look good at any place because of its simplicity and its edgy square shape then you will surely love. It also comes in different colours like; black, white, grey, gold, and red that will surely fit in your houses, office, or even in schools.

Fast scanning and printing

All of that is because it has digital laser sensors. Those sensors are essential to the printer because, without it, there will be no printing to be made.

It is ready to print

That’s mainly because it is Auto Expandable and in one slot of your paper, it will be press down right over the mouth of the device. Moreover, you will have your copy fresh and hot like it came from an oven.

0 LCD Touchscreen

It has an enhanced user interface offering Bluetooth printing coming from your chosen device. Also, it has a document removal reminder if it isn’t the right document that you should print.

Six coloured

individual ink system – Be inspired because it has a six-coloured individual ink system that will help your creativity to grow wider and let your imaginations be wild.

Quick print

It is also fast in copying coloured letters and be print just like your real copy, but you can see big differences because it can lighten up those pale colours so that it will be an eye catcher because of its colour.

Now that you have to know its features, but what benefits can you get out of it? What kind of helpful contribution would it give to you so that you can be convinced that it is worth your buy?

So now you will know it. Here is the list below:

Benefits of Canon TS9120

  1. It is in an affordable price so that you can buy it easily without thinking negatives and it won’t be a burden to your pockets, making it worthy to buy.
  2. It is much better than other brands because it is wireless so that there will be no malfunctioning to happen.
  3. It will give you great images and great colors that you would love.
  4. You can use it as a business in an internet café if you want because people are looking for this kind of printer that can make their documents clear to look at and beautiful.
  5. It is hassle-free because of it as the speed that can do the job easy as one, two, three
  6. Its printing is nonstop because ones you have entered the copy by your device surely it will be printed fast.
  7. You can get high quality of Optimum Image Generating System so that black and white prints will not look like amateurish and will look like a professional photographer took it.

We all know that in every device that we use, each has its advantages and disadvantages or much known as pros and cons. With them, you can be aware of how you can manage your device and understand what is not good and good for it. Again here is the list below for you to know like:


  • Very affordable and has professional quality of photo printer
  • It spends balanced ink so that it can last long
  • Brilliant wireless printing functionality that you can say “it is beautiful” all day
  • Built with CD and DVD printing
  • 1-year phone tech support and 1-year warranty
  • Fast but has a clear outcome without build up particles of ink


  • A little heavy to carry
  • Loud when used especially if there’s too much to print
  • Large size to the point that it can’t fit into tight spaces

Comparisons & Alternatives

In case you don’t like Canon TS 9120, we’ve got something for you too.

  • PictureMate Pm-400 – Do you like to print borderless photos for your scrapbooks? You can go for PictureMate Pm-400 that is lightweight and compact. It takes at least 36 seconds to print a single 4×6 image and HD photo quality is amazing.
  • FujiFilm Instax Share SP-3 – We love the newest model of Fujifilm Share SP-3, big thanks to its Instax Square format, establishing 2.4 inches square prints. It will take you approximately 13 seconds to print. Opposed to the Instax camera where you need to print the image you take, this Instax printer enables you to be more careful of images you wish to print.
  • Canon Pixma TS 9521C – What you will love about this printer is that it could print roughly 11×17 inches images. Its speed rate is approximately 15 photos every minute. What’s more, you could develop double-sided prints due to its duplexing functionality.


Q) Does it come with ink cartridge?

Ans – This printer comes along with starter cartridges but takes note that they are not full or XL.

Q) Can I print from my smartphone to the printer through Bluetooth?

Ans – Yes, you can easily print from your phone without using the internet.

Q) Can you customize the sizes of paper?

Ans – To a limited extent but yes.

Q) Does the printer come with a manual?

Ans – Yes, the printer comes with one.

To sum up, the Canon TS9120 provides both frame-worthy and good text image prints in a very user-friendly and affordable package.

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