10 Best Solar String Lights You can Buy in 2020

We, all have used different kinds of decorative lights for all kinds of parties and celebrations. Solar string lights are the newest among such gizmos.  They use sunlight to charge their batteries during the day. Then, the bulbs shine during the night using this energy. So, this little idea helps you save some cash on your current bill.

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Moreover, these lights cause much harm to the environment since they use solar energy.  There are many options to choose from in the market. So if you are looking to buy one, you should check out the best variants available in the market. So let’s check them out.

Here is Our list of The 10 Best Solar String Lights

Last updated on July 3, 2020 5:10 pm

1. Lemontec Solar String Lights

If you want to fill your patio with twinkly lights then you will love this. Adding to that, these lights will glow till dawn. So they have a great battery performance. But they aren’t that bright. They are more like a ‘set the mood’ kind of lights.

  • Extra-long cable provides lighting and decorative effect over and across expansive outdoor areas of your home or outdoors.

  • 200 soft-light bulbs are arranged on 72 ft (22m) cable.

  • 5.9 ft (1.8m) extension wire from the solar panel to first bulb;

  • 1800mAH (Ni-MH) lithium battery activates the solar charge, which is enough for 8 hours of lighting.

  • Tool-free installation.

  • No electric current required to operate the unit.

  • Works in rainy weather (waterproof certification number IP65).

  • Auto on-off button reacts to ambient lighting, thus saving energy when surrounding light is too bright.

  • Bi-mode button offers ‘steady’ and ‘twinkling’ options.

  • Long-lasting with a 10,000 hour lifespan.

2. DeVida Solar String Lights

These bulbs are waterproof. So they are more suited to light up your backyard or maybe a Christmas tree you might have in front of your house. They also turn on automatically once the night falls. This makes them more convenient.

  • Extra long lead wire provides flexibility when positioning the solar panel optimize sunshine.

  • Eco-friendly and thoughtfully designed.

  • Lights up automatically saving time and reducing energy costs.

  • No electricity required.

  • Easy to install.

3. X-CHENG Solar String Lights

The lights last for quite some time. So they do have decent built quality. They are well worth every dollar you pay. They are perfect for a deck party. The shape of the bulbs is quite lovely. However, they are not that bright.

  • Solar-powered, so you can enjoy the lights at night for free.

  • 10 hours working time if it is fully charged.

  • Copper string light is flexible and can be mold into any shape.

  • Coated with golden lacquer which makes the whole strand water-resistant.

  • Specifically designed to withstand all weather conditions.

4. Vivii Solar String Lights

These lights are quite easy to install. They are waterproof. Hence they are more suitable for use outside your home.  Also, the bulbs have a crustal ball shape which does remind you of fairies. The wiring is pretty good compared to other strings.

  • Rechargeable battery can work continuously for 8-10 hours once fully charged.

  • 5 ft lead and 20 ft wire with 30 bubble globes.

  • Eight working modes.

  • Waterproof to suit for using outdoor and indoor.

  • These LED lights decorate your garden with energy from the solar and do not require additional cost.

  • Turn on automatically in darkness and off automatically in brightness.

  • Power and mode control buttons on the back of panel box.

5. Qedertek String Lights

First off, the bulbs in this string are made in the shape of a flower. But to be honest, while some find this lovely, others might find it annoying.  These lights are quite easy to install and the battery life is around 8 hours. There are multiple colors on the same string too.

  • Solar Powered String lights:

  • 50 colorful flower blossom LEDs on a 21 ft light strand

  • 6.5 ft lead cable.

  • Solar panel (2V/100mA) with built-in 600mA NI-MH battery.

  • Solar panel convert sunshine into electricity during the day, and it lights up automatically at night for over 8 hours.

  • Easy to operate and install.

  • Low voltage power, non plug-in, solar panel with garden stakes stand, 2 switches, On/Off and Mode (Steady/Flashing)

  • IP65 Waterproof: Can withstand all kinds of weather, including heavy rain and snow.

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration.

6. Mpow Solar String Lights

It has 100 LEDs with a white warm glow. There are 8 modes in which the lights can operate. The string is very slim and waterproof. Once fully charged they can shine up to 10 hours. To add to that the entire thing is waterproof too.

  • 100 super brilliant LED’s glow a warm white light, which makes every night a starry night.

  • 8 working modes: combination, fireflies, waves, fading, chasing, fading slowly, twinkle and steady on.

  • 33ft ultra-thin and high quality bendable copper wire, the string lights conform to any shape you want.

  • Powered by solar energy, works up to 10 hours after fully charged.

  • Lights up automatically at night and off during the day.

  • Ip64 waterproof and heat-resistant.

7. Water Drop Solar String Lights

  • 30 LEDs arranged 8 inches apart on a long 20 ft cable.

  • Waterproof so you can use even in the rain.

  • Powered by a 1.2V 1000mAh battery that lasts up to 10 hours on a full solar charge.

  • Easy to install and easy to operate.

  • POWER on-off switch and a mode switch that has STEADY and FLASHING options.

  • The unit also features LIGHT-SENSITIVE FUNCTION, shutting off automatically when ambient light is 15lux or higher brightness.

  • Lights have a long lifespan of 5000 hours.

These are another one of multi-colored lights that you can use both inside and outside your homes. The lights are shaped after water drops which creates a soothing atmosphere.  Additionally, these lights are waterproof and stay on for quite some time.

8. BAOANT Solar String Lights

The lights are great for their price. They are modeled to look like crystal globes. They a uniform color which is not that bright and they stay on for about 8 hours under normal conditions. Also, they have two working modes.

  • Built-in 800mah rechargeable battery can work continuously for 8-10 hours once fully charged.

  • 5 ft lead and 15 ft wire with 30 bubble globes.

  • Two working modes: steady on and flashing.

  • these led lights decorate your garden with energy from the solar and do not require additional cost.

  • Durable, waterproof LED lights and solar panel.

9. Icicle Solar String Lights

These lights really do have a unique shape. They are modeled after dragonflies. So they do catch the interests of kids and certain adults too. These lights are waterproof like most lights in this list. It has a white glow and 20 LED lights. You can also choose from 8 modes of lighting.

  • Long lasting LED lights powered by a solar panel.

  • Solar panel charges with direct sunlight during the day and the bulbs light up automatically at night for 8 hours.

  • 8 modes to choose different light effects.

  • Waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor decorations.

10. AMIR Solar String Lights

It is yet another string that uses LED lights. The 100 LED’s shine brilliantly and each light illuminates in every direction. So, the entire surface of the LED shines. Its brilliant shine makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration. They also come in two lighting modes.

  • 100 super bright LED bulbs on 33 ft high quality copper wire.

  • Steady 360 degree viewing angle, illuminates in every direction.

  • Auto on at dusk, auto off by day.

  • Water Resistant, both the string lights and the solar panel are IP65 Waterproof.

  • Flexible copper wiring can easily build any shapes you want.

  • Wrap around tree trunks or gazebos; in the dark, the wire fades to being almost invisible, leaving only the bright lights.


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